12 May 2009

First Posting

Well, it's been a while since I've actually blogged. My last blog was mostly about my life and my thoughts on everything. I'm attempting to limit this to my thoughts on any work I do with fiber, my cooking adventures, the latest book that I think is amazing, and perhaps a few other things. The little (or not-so-little) matters that help make up my life.

What to write...hmmm. I started a new knitting project today. I promised a friend that I'd knit her a squid. She already has a kraken (at least, I think that's what she said), so a squid made sense. Next time maybe I'll do a cuttlefish. They're even more adorable than squid (although equally delicious).

I started today with a pattern I'd found, and managed to get through a few rounds before this terrific idea occurred to me. An ordinary squid is fun, interesting, and adorable, but why not go one better? So I ditched the pattern and started working on my own. It's a vampire squid. They're fun-looking creatures with eight tentacles connected by a membrane, a few spikes on the underside of the tentacles, ear-like flaps on their heads, and they are reddish with blue eyes. It's going to be a fun challenge when I get to those tentacles. So far, I'm meticulously keeping track of the pattern. I'll probably post it here when it's finished, along with some pictures.

And I suppose that's it for now.

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