18 February 2013

update (and a buy my knitting patterns moment!)

I am currrently working my way through the next few plays for the Shakespeare Attempt. I haven't abandoned it; I'm just probably going to be doing several plays this week rather than one, since between the thesis revision and feeling generally icky, I haven't read much new stuff in the last couple weeks. It's mostly been re-reading things instead. Most of the books we own were bought because we knew we would re-read them, and therefore, they're worth owning. I'm happier with the library option for books that I may not ever read again. If I check the book out multiple times, though, then it goes onto the buying list.

And yes, that's a writer who would like to be a published author speaking. I know I'm going the e-book option first, which sort of demands that you buy the book if you want to read it at least once, and possibly requires you to buy it again if you really like it and something goes wrong with your computer or everything gets reformatted (although the BC libraries and the local library system have a steadily increasing collection of e-books for check-out). However, my sneaky plan is to make that work well enough that I can actually talk a real publisher into working with me at some point. We'll see how it goes. I think begging people to buy my book online will be easier than begging people in person. I'm still trying to adjust to having a Twitter account and trying to remember to post on it. Or tweet. I feel like a twit, though.

Speaking of begging, check out my knitting patterns on Ravelry and please buy some! I finally tried running an ad this month, and so far, I haven't gotten a single purchase. I need to finish designing the latest pattern and take a really awesome picture of it and get it up there and purchase an ad for that one. I think it's one of my more fun ideas. It's a bit steampunk.

Speaking of steampunk, I love the concept and the aesthetic, but I have a hard time being truly interested in most of the literature. The last book I tried to read, whose name I can't remember, was popular, but there was so much action and so many gadgets within the first few chapters that I actually got bored. I may have to try writing the steampunk book that I want to read.

In the meantime, I should get working on that pattern. It's not going to knit itself. Anyone else have a similar reaction to the steampunk genre?

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