08 April 2014

Kid's Clothes Week: Day 2

I managed to make E.'s suspenders yesterday, and get more things cut out. I'm counting prep time (cutting, pressing, etc) as sewing time for the purposes of this project. She doesn't do long naps very well most of the time, so I end up cutting out a few things, or sewing a few seams, and then going to get her because she's awake again. Or she tries to get into the dresser in the bedroom while I sit and sew and keep an eye on her. This is mostly successful but requires me to pause frequently.

Today: more cutting, more pressing, and a bodice for a Geranium dress put together. Then the skirt. The pleats are a little off, but it's my first time doing the pattern. I'll learn. Hemming and snaps to go! Pictures tomorrow.

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