06 April 2014

Kid's Clothes Week starts tomorrow!

I'm participating in Kid's Clothes Week this season. The goal is to sew for about 1 hour per day for seven days. It starts tomorrow. I'm starting tomorrow off small. Baby suspenders and some cutting out of fabric. Also a trip to the fabric store, because I need more snaps. Hammering them in place the wrong way down and cursing them meant a lot of the snaps are now longer usable.

The suspenders are for E.'s Captain Malcolm Reynolds costume for Fan Expo in a couple weeks. I got a bit ahead of myself for once and sewed her pretty floral bonnet together today. Shirt and pants are already sorted, so now she just needs the suspenders. I'm still finalizing my Kaylee costume, and J. is going as Wash. He has the Hawaiian shirt but nothing else yet. Yes, we are geeks.

Also on the list for this week are two Geranium tops. This is a fabulous pattern and I'm excited to finally get going on it. It has several variations available, and I have the newborn-5T size, so I'll be making Geraniums for E. for quite a while, and may buy the 6-12 pattern when she's big enough for that if she still likes the dress by then.

Photo credit: Made by Rae
I have pieces mostly cut out for the Geraniums. One is an animal alphabet print, and the other is a spaceship with astronauts print.

The other dress on my list is the Little Girl's Crossover Pinafore from Smashed Peas and Carrots. This is a free pattern and tutorial. The pattern is apparently in the 6-12 month range, so it may fit my tiny 7-month-old right now, or it'll be a decent summer dress in a couple months and a jumper top in the fall.

Photo credit: Smashed Peas and Carrots
As you can see, it's a really cute little pinafore and it'll be great this summer. I haven't actually figured out the fabric for that one yet. It's a bit of a tentative one, as the suspenders and Geraniums are top of the list to get done this week.

I may get around to trying out the serger a friend lent me during this week, though I don't really need it for any of these patterns. We'll see how the timing works out. In the meantime, here's hoping Munchkin tolerates me measuring her for suspenders tomorrow as well as she handled trying on a bonnet today.

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