19 April 2014

Kid's Clothes Week: Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it's almost a week past the end of KCW. But I did accomplish my goals, and there are clothes.

Geranium Dress in a rocket ship print
I stuck with the Geranium dress View 2: pleats, faux cap sleeves, and skipped the pockets. This one is dress-length, snaps up the back, and the lining does not entirely match the outer fabric. I ran out of the rocket ship print and subbed in some galaxy fabric (planets, stars, swirling galaxies) for the two back pieces of the lining. Not really noticeable, but it kind of makes me smile anyway.

Geranium Top--my mum's holding it and E. is sitting there in the foreground
I did a top-length Geranium dress with the notched neckline and it came out beautifully. I love it. It looks really cute on E. and she seemed happy enough with it. She doesn't seem to have very many clothing preferences yet, other than enjoying chewing on shoes and playing with fabric.

I also did a crossover pinafore jumper, but it's still too big for E. The 6-12 month size (only size pattern came in, since it was a free pattern) was much too roomy on her, so when I tried it on, it looked kind of funny. Maybe she can wear it during the summer. We'll try it again in June.

Took a break from sewing this week, but I have a few more dresses on the list. A friend just had a baby girl who is, as a newborn, almost as big as E. I'm going to make a Geranium dress for her and try out the gathered skirt option.

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