26 January 2016

this is not an apology, but there are pictures

I'm not going to apologize for my dearth of posts over the last few months. I do this blog for fun, not profit, and my mind hasn't been in a good writing space lately. I'm trying to change that, and part of that is committing to writing daily, regardless of whether or not it's something good. So, here we go.

I took the above picture shortly after New Year's. I love the way frost decorates the landscape. It throws objects into sharp relief and brightens those colours that remain during the darkness of winter. I sort of wish we were having more frosty days, but we've got rain instead, which is also beautiful.

My latest crafting experiments have included knitting to use up some of the bulkier yarn in my stash, since that's the stuff I like the least. I've knitted two hats and have plans for a third, and possibly a fourth. I sewed a pair of jeans and a dress for myself in December, sewed a Christmas dress for E., and knit her a pair of mittens. She'll wear the dress but refuses to so much as try on the mittens. Such is life.

The other thing I've gotten into is jewelry making. It's fun to tinker with metal and glass instead of wool and cotton. I made the earrings below last night, using some beads a friend had given to me in lieu of gas money. There's something just very fun about tiny owls. I know, the internet's been obsessed with owls and that's mostly over now, but I still like them.

I really like the look of wire wrapping and chain maille, so I've started experimenting with both of those techniques. Wire wrapping is fun and mostly takes lots of practice; chain maille is fiddly and time-consuming but definitely worth the time. I've only done a little bit of chain maille, but I've practiced making jump rings and made a double-chain bracelet and a couple very short lengths of Byzantine chain for earrings.

The jewelry, the knitting, and my current obsession with NCIS, which I've been burning through as fast as I can get the seasons from the library, have served to help distract me from the panic that ensues when we are getting ready to travel somewhere. We're off to Cancun with J.'s family in about a week and a half, and I alternate between panic and mild anxiety about the trip. I'll be fine eventually, probably after we've been there for a few days, but it's one of those annoying things about having my brain. I plan to go hunting for interesting beads in the marketplace there - something lightweight that I can bring back as a souvenir. I'll see what I can find, and try to remember to take pictures.

And that's that for today. I don't know if the "writing something every day" thing will result in more blog posts, but we shall see.

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