22 May 2009

yarn and books

My squid is over half-way done! He's rather adorable. I'll have to take a picture. I still haven't figured out how to do the last half, though.

In other works-in-progress, my Shipwreck shawl is coming along nicely. I have about 30 more rounds to finish in one section, and then the last section, which should be fairly simple.
This picture was taken a couple days ago. It's hard to see much detail because it's still on the needles. I can hardly wait to see it when it's finished and blocked. I do love the colours of this yarn. I chose the yarn because the grey, blue and lavender, with the occasional streaks of purple and green, reminded me of the ocean. It seemed in keeping with the name of the shawl. It was the first time I'd ever bought so much yarn for a single project.

My next knitting adventure will be socks. I'll make a pair for myself and then a pair for my father-in-law for Christmas. If they knit up quickly enough, I'll make more for other people. I'm excited. My in-laws always give really great Christmas presents, so while I like giving people presents, I'm not always very good at choosing gifts. Nice handknit socks sound like a good start. This Christmas, maybe I'll even learn to like coffee more (not that I hate coffee, I just prefer tea, and my father-in-law loves coffee the way I love loose-leaf tea and good alpaca yarn).

Well, in addition to being a yarnaholic and a tea addict, I'm also a bibliophile. I just started Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. It's quite an enjoyable read. I've read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, re-read Persuasion (my favourite Jane Austen), and tried to struggle through Emma (she gets on my nerves so I have to stop reading). I have the Complete Works out from the library right now. Northanger Abbey reads like a satire of Gothic novels. I like it. Knowing very little of the story is nice because I enjoy surprises in books (although less so in reality).

12 May 2009

First Posting

Well, it's been a while since I've actually blogged. My last blog was mostly about my life and my thoughts on everything. I'm attempting to limit this to my thoughts on any work I do with fiber, my cooking adventures, the latest book that I think is amazing, and perhaps a few other things. The little (or not-so-little) matters that help make up my life.

What to write...hmmm. I started a new knitting project today. I promised a friend that I'd knit her a squid. She already has a kraken (at least, I think that's what she said), so a squid made sense. Next time maybe I'll do a cuttlefish. They're even more adorable than squid (although equally delicious).

I started today with a pattern I'd found, and managed to get through a few rounds before this terrific idea occurred to me. An ordinary squid is fun, interesting, and adorable, but why not go one better? So I ditched the pattern and started working on my own. It's a vampire squid. They're fun-looking creatures with eight tentacles connected by a membrane, a few spikes on the underside of the tentacles, ear-like flaps on their heads, and they are reddish with blue eyes. It's going to be a fun challenge when I get to those tentacles. So far, I'm meticulously keeping track of the pattern. I'll probably post it here when it's finished, along with some pictures.

And I suppose that's it for now.