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 Comrades We is the story of the adventures of six friends as they grow up together, learn magic, encounter bad stuff, and try to fight their way out of trouble.

This is a fantasy novel. There is magic. There are swords. There are mysterious and cryptic gods. There are some really bad guys and there are good guys who are mostly ordinary and trying to do their best with what they've got. And if needed, there is always tea.

If you want a limited preview or would like to purchase the book, it is available at the sites below for 4.99 USD (or whatever that happens to be in whatever currency you happen to be purchasing it in). 

Available at Amazon.

Available at Google Play.

Available at Smashwords.

Available at iTunes.            

Available at Barnes and Noble.

Available through Kobo.

Available at Blio.

Available at Oyster. 

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Pronunciation Guide
As it has come to my attention that some readers are wondering how to pronounce some of the character and place names, I'm adding a pronunciation guide here. As I have plans to update the cover for the book later on, I will add a pronunciation guide to the book when I do that, so as to keep updates to the book to a minimum. I'm only including the names that are a little harder to puzzle out for now, since some of them are fairly self-evident. I would do IPA pronunciations, but as not everyone is familiar with that alphabet, I'm going with rough English approximations. Feel free to contact me via the Facebook page to ask me to add more.

Gilliamel Tuedorne: GILL-ee-uh-mell TWO-dorn (hard G, like in gill)

Tomas Ryeven: TOE-mas RYE-venn

Damaris (Maris) Paichet: DAH-mer-iss PIE-kay  

Aiyen Siolian: EYE-yen SI-oh-li-an

Yaidanain: YAI-dan-eyn

Veldalya: VELL-dal-yuh

Caytan: KAY-tan

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