24 June 2011

After the stash swap on Wednesday at the guild meeting, I now have more sock yarn. Yes, I brought some of my larger sock yarn leftovers to swap, and people took them, but other people brought more sock yarn, so I came home with lots. I finally have a ball of Trekking XXL to try--I've been wanting to give it a go but hadn't bought any. I even came home with enough wool for a sweater. I guess I have to admit that I am a yarn addict.

I'm still adjusting to my new schedule. Mostly this means that I am more tired than usual. I still have the inability to fall asleep quickly, but I have to get up an hour and a half earlier. Not that that's terribly important for any readers here--just that I am currently writing this while consuming my morning tea before I've woken up properly.

The only random thing that comes to mind that might be funny to share is that yesterday, J. dropped a jar of salsa on the floor in the kitchen. It went sploosh. He started cleaning it up, but I wasn't much help because I said something, then said, "I just said a phrasal verb! I have to go write that down!" (Look, there's another one!) So I ran to find some paper and a pen and wrote down the phrase. Then a moment later, something else popped out of my mouth which was also a phrasal verb, so instead of immediately getting the vacuum out for him, I wrote down another sentence, and then fetched the vacuum.

Yep. My priorities are language first, glass on kitchen floor second.

11 June 2011

sock mix up

Today I started two socks. I was at the orientation sessions today, which were fun, and I grabbed a ball of yarn before I left and cast on for a toe-up sock at the bus stop. The pattern has a textured cuff and a stockinette foot, so I figured I'd work on the foot. I knitted during odd moments of the day, finished the toe, and got a respectable amount of the foot finished. Then it hit me, at the bus stop on the way home.

It was the wrong yarn. This yarn was supposed to be for a pair of cabled socks. A different colour of the same kind of yarn was what I had intended to grab. So this evening I unraveled it and cast on the other socks; I've been planning to start them sometime this month anyway.

It wasn't wasted time. I learned that the colourway looks good. And what I wanted was something to help calm me down, and that's what it did.

Still. Drat.

09 June 2011

Yesterday seemed like a day that wouldn't be too exciting. I was wide-awake at six, so I went jogging (gasp, yes, really!). That seemed like it would be the most interesting thing to happen. Then, while I was at the farmer's market, waiting in line to buy tomatoes, my cell phone rang.

I've been lamenting the lack of structure in my life, and my inability to create enough structure to prevent my going a little crazy. This week's been pretty good as far as things go, which is nice, but it's still not at the point I'd like it to be.

Now I'm going to have structure, which is exactly what I needed to help me get going with the writing.

The call was about a TA position I'd applied for, hadn't gotten, and was now being offered. I said yes immediately, without even asking what the class was. Fortunately, it's one that I like. Since it's a morning class, I will have to be up and awake in the mornings, and I will be back in Academia. I was so excited I forgot to buy tomatoes and practically floated home.

This was one solution to my writer's block (or whatever it is--writer's lack of motivation?) that hadn't occurred to me, so I hadn't even prayed about it. Prayer gets answered in unusual ways.