08 December 2009

sleep zombies

I actually slept last night and it was wonderful!

I've been having problems sleeping well. I go to bed, spend nearly an hour tossing and turning, and then manage to doze off, while not being able to stop thinking about the papers I have to finish. I've also been waking up at odd times, earlier than usual. And yesterday, when I tried to have a nap, I just dozed off a bit, but didn't stop thinking about work. So while I technically have been sleeping (and more than some of my classmates have), it still feels like I've been pulling all-nighters. And when I don't sleep, or I don't sleep well, I have a difficult time concentrating.

And last night I actually managed to get some real sleep. I'm a little tired today, but not exhausted like I was yesterday. My eyes don't look like burned holes today (I like that simile--it's so expressive). And it's a good thing. I was about to turn into a zombie who shuffles around saying, "Reeessst," while carrying a pillow.

Today I have a couple hours work to put in on a paper, and some more work to put in on a different paper. But tomorrow morning I can check one class off my list!

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