15 April 2011

Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything for the blog. I am still alive, I've just been busy with school.

The knitting been pretty slow and the spinning's been at a standstill. I've managed to get through another repeat of the cable pattern on my Fireside cardigan, and I'm at the heels for the socks I'm knitting for my grandma. That's it.

Spinning-wise, I have some merino on the wheel that I need to finish up. I think I'll leave it as a single, so I'll just need to wind it into a hank and wash it.

There's the silk on my top-whorl drop spindle; that's going slowly because I haven't been spinning, but I love it. That's going to stay as a single as well.

There are some silk hankies that I'm going to spin up on my takhli. Those are spinning up so fine that I'm going to have to ply them.

The next project on the wheel is a frogged cashmere sweater. It's two-ply, so I'm going to add some twist to the yarn and then ply two strands of it together so I'll have something closer to fingering weight. I'm going to over-dye it, since it's beige. It'll probably end up being green.

And that's...about it for now.

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