08 September 2011

It's September. Life begins again.

For most of my life, the year has started in September. Even as a homeschooler, the school year started in the ninth month. There is something about this time of year, as summer is slowly (oh so slowly) moving into autumn, that has a special quality to it.

This week has been fraught with ups and downs. There was Labour Day, when friends visited. There was a lot of laughter and talk and it was wonderful to spend time with people I don't see very often. Tuesday was a wretched day, where I pulled up a section of my thesis, wrote a sentence, and then cried about it. Wednesday was better. A friend came over so we could finish up Season 3 of Slings and Arrows and we got into a great discussion about story, writing, and behaviourism.

Today was good. I came home from the first day of classes, zinging with the energy that only comes from well-spoken words and the academic environment. Exposed to Academia, I become giddy from discussions and lectures. It doesn't last, of course. Highs are inevitably followed by crashes. Once the workload piles up next week, I doubt I'll feel as much of the zing.

However, a good story, an interesting discussion, a fascinating article...those can bring it back for a few hours. This is probably why I keep coming back.

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