10 January 2013

all over the map

I keep trying to start a post, and then it goes nowhere. My last two posts are still in draft, and while they have some interesting things, they're not exactly great. Not that most of my posts are; I think some of my best writing thus far in my life is found in my MA thesis, which I'm certainly not posting on here. After I defend it sometime this term, I want to do some revision and submit my analysis to a journal. Plus, this blog isn't about academic writing, although in about a year and a half, I may be writing posts on first-language acquisition, since we will have a child acquiring its first language and trying to express itself then (I think that puts a baby due in July at about the 11-12 month mark, when they're supposed to start trying to talk). I'm already figuring out ways to brush up on my French, since that's the only other language besides English that I can speak, really. My Mandarin was always, even after a year of studying it, sketchy at best. But I need to get going on that, so the baby will be able to process more than just the phonemes of English.

No, this isn't going to turn into a mommy-blog. I find most mommy-blogs really irritating (there are few that I do read and enjoy, but not many), and while the language acquisition thing could get really interesting, that's more related to me being a linguist. Most of my knowledge about language acquisition is limited to second language acquisition, rather than first, so I'll have to start researching.

At any rate, when I'm not puking my guts out lately (the books say the morning sickness is supposed to be stopping sometime this week, but so far that hasn't happened), I'm trying to figure out decluttering, alongside working on the thesis and reading random books. And finding cheap children's books at the thrift store. We are now the proud owners of If You Give a Moose a Muffin.

The latest random book is The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno. I thought it would be more pedantic than it is, and I'm enjoying it so far. I might do a book review of it when I'm done reading. Since we've got to get going on decluttering to help make the house baby-proof (right now it's really, really not), it's an interesting read. And now I'm going to go read some more, and see how the story turns out.

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