16 February 2014

Valentine's Day at Epenthetical

A couple days late, but this is what happens when we do Valentine's Day.

Cupcakes. Chocolate-cherry.

Lamb stew, not pictured. It was supposed to be goat stew, but the bags of stewing meat were all mixed together in the bin, and I grabbed the wrong one, and the prices were nearly the same. Since both lamb and goat are delicious, it didn't matter so much. We finished that off today.

Origami. A thing in a group on Ravelry got me curious. I've been thinking about giving origami a try for a while, and this tipped me over the edge. It started with the modular origami book in the corner. Then it multiplied. A leaf, a lotus, a coat, a lantern, and a mushroom. I've done a duck and an owl since.

J. played some video games with his friends. E. practiced her standing. I got some quiet time. All in all, a lovely evening.

We're going on a date next weekend when we have a babysitter lined up. Valentine's Day isn't a big deal for us. It was, sort of, when we first started dating, when I made the mistake of saying that I didn't want to do anything for Valentine's Day and expected him to intuit that yes, I really did (learned my lesson there--J. is thoughtful but not telepathic), but not really now. I don't even remember what we did last year, or if we did anything at all. I've gone off a lot of the chocolate and candy things that are popular for it (same with most Halloween, Christmas, and Easter candy), and we don't really do cards. Flowers are nice once in a while, and I do like red roses, but I'd rather have a miniature rosebush and I'm not sure that's a good idea with a tiny person who's learning how to walk. So we skip most of the trappings of the holiday, and don't really miss them.

Anyone else find Valentine's Day fun but not that important?

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