25 September 2009

and the award for the nutty lady on the street corner goes to...

Yeah, that was me today. Standing on a street corner, waiting for the light to change, sock in hand, binding off. I also knit on the bus. And while it is possible to bind off while the bus driver decides to drive down a hill while tapping the brakes every 3 seconds, it's probably not the best idea. I did refrain from knitting in line at the bank, however, since I don't know how they typically react to pointy sticks. Better safe than sorry.

The mochi socks are finished! Here they are. Aren't they pretty? My first truly fraternal socks, since the Misti Alpaca socks were less distinctive in their differences. They have a short row heel with increases prior to the heel for the gusset. Next time I'm just going to increase by 8 instead of 12. They're just a little bit loose there, but not enough to justify not bothering with a gusset.

I stopped in at one of the LYSs today. I was sent money as a birthday present and told explicitly to use it for yarn. So I did. I'm glad I didn't buy one of these the first time I saw them, because I would have grabbed the really bright colourway and possibly been sorry. After some thought, some staring, and comparison, I ended up with this:

This is a Crazy Zauberball in Flussbett (Riverbed). I like these colours and I think they will wear better on me than the colourway I'd originally wanted to buy. Bright is one thing. I like bright colours, preferably jewel tones. BRIGHT is another. The blues, browns, greens, reds, and oranges of this ball are much more to my preference. This is intended to become a pair of entrelac socks sometime in the next couple months. Why not take advantage of the colour changes, after all?

The next project is actually going to be a hat, which must be finished by next week. My sister-in-law is turning 19. I'm knitting her a pretty lacy hat (worsted weight, so it should knit up pretty quickly) and we're going out for drinks (although I've promised her parents that I will not get her drunk. At least, not this time).

Now...off to go wash dishes while wearing my mochi socks.

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  1. Great Socks, I can't wait to see the Zauberball in action.


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