23 September 2009

welcome to fall

Today wasn't a great introduction to fall. (Today being Tuesday, although as I am posting just after midnight, this will technically be posted on Wednesday). It was sunny. And hot. Nearly 30, I believe. The morning was crisp, but soon warmed up. I had to take off some of my layers.

I did drink a London Fog at Knit Night tonight in honour of autumn's arrival (I thought that sounded pretty cool, but maybe it just sounds pretentious. Oh well). It was decided that we would sit outside tonight, in the little square next to the coffee shop. We crowded tables together beneath some of the lights and knit (incidentally, while it is possible to knit lace accurately with poor lighting, I switched to a stockinette sock after a few rows of lace. This poor shawl. I've been neglecting it. It needs seven and a half repeats of one chart (at least; if I have enough yarn I may do nine or ten repeats) and a single repeat of another before it is finished. I like it but it requires concentration and I'm often in need of something simpler). It was a fun evening, and I would have happily stayed longer, but my husband was turning into a pumpkin.

And I'm tired. I would chat about reading Chomsky and trying to decipher French quotations with my limited French (next time I will bring my French-English dictionary along), but I need sleep. Good night.

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