22 October 2009


Last week, I had one of those disaster mornings. I was up late finishing something for school (it was one of those readings that was difficult to read and then to condense into 2-3 pages), so when I finally went to bed at 3:30 in the morning, I knew I wouldn't get much sleep. So then I collapsed into bed for a few hours. My husband gets up at 5, thereby waking me up at five, and then again at six when he leaves, and he resets the alarm for me to get up at 7. I often get up and hit the snooze button a couple times. When I did this that Friday morning, I managed to sleep as I did so, and not realize that I'd hit the button a few too many times. I woke up fifteen minutes after I was supposed to live. Since my bus was leaving in ten minutes, there was no way on earth, unless I could teleport, that I would be able to get to class on time. In a hurry, I grabbed my homework, put on clothes, and ran out the door without even stopping for a cup of tea. I made it for the next bus, which leaves almost ten minutes after my class starts. Of course, I realized, once I was outside, that I'd put my shirt on inside-out. I was late for class, crept in, and took the last seat left and sat there for the last half of class with my coat on, to hide the inside-out shirt. After class, I went to the bathroom and turned my shirt the right-side-out, and after my next class, ran and got myself some coffee. And after that, my day got much better, and finished by being pretty good after all. And today I plan to get the assignment for tomorrow done early enough that I will sleep properly tonight.

Oh, the Rusalka Mitts are finished, and I will post pictures once I figured out how get the &*%$# door-thing for the battery compartment open so I can give it new batteries. They are pretty and I don't want to take them off.

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