24 January 2012

the elusion of sleep

One of my favourite authors, Sarah Vowell, wrote an essay on insomnia some years ago. I'm fond of that essay, partly because it is humourous. Now, partly because I can sympathize.

The question, of course, is, what should I do when I'm awake in the middle of the night? There are a multitude of things I could do with my time.

Sometimes I write. Or I knit. I read. Some times I have ended up doing the dishes and then tidying up the living room. The other night I organized the drawer-thing on my desk and emptied out a box of junk that needs sorting through (haven't finished sorting it yet). I thought about mounting my whiteboard on the wall, but activities involving nails and a hammer are usually best reserved for daytime hours.

I'm considering crawling into bed for now, in the hopes that I'll actually fall asleep. If I can't though, I might find myself cleaning the bathroom at 3 in the morning. We shall see.

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