01 January 2012

I recently discovered that people have made my "Harvey the Vampire Squid" pattern. Other people. That I don't know. That's so incredibly awesome. Makes me want to try my hand at designing something else. Don't know what yet. I think have some ideas written down somewhere. I'll probably start with something small.

Recently, I needed a picture of intarsia knitting for a writing project, so I gritted my teeth and knit a dishcloth. I changed the original design somewhat, but the result was rather nice. I still don't think I'll ever love intarsia like I do, say, lace, but it's not that bad. This reminds me of a nine-patch quilt I made one summer.

In the meantime, I still have Christmas presents to finish knitting. There are some socks, and a shawl. I'd best find my way back to them before I get too carried away with wanting to start new things.

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