18 August 2012


I get bored easily. I really do. It makes me feel shallow, that boredom often overtakes me, but at least my methods for dealing with it are more constructive than sitting around whining, "I'm boooooored," like a nine-year-old.

This shawl that I recently finished is testament to my boredom. Nothing's wrong with the pattern. It's easy. Simple. Quick. And yet.

I started this at the end of December. I finished it two days ago. It's August. Eight months to knit a garter-stitch-based shawl in aran weight yarn on 6 mm needles. Yup. That's because I got bored.

The pattern is really simple: it's a 4-row repeat. But though I loved its simplicity and its garter base, I got bored, and moved on to other knitting projects, picking this one up once in a while to work on it. And it did get done, eventually, just not in the two weeks or so it would have taken had I not been so scatter-brained.

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