18 August 2012

when we go to the thrift store...

Everyone has contradictions in their personality. I am no exception. One of my contradictions is, that while I will happily pay $20-30 for a book or a hand-thrown mug or another piece of art, I won't spend that much on a pair of jeans, and am reluctant to spend $40 on a pair of shoes. Consequently, most of my clothing comes from the thrift store. My husband's the same, except he adds board games into the mix. But this does not exclude us from finding art in thrift stores.

Last week, we wandered up to the Salvation Army, and we found a few things. He needed shoes, which he got. But when we walked in, we were confronted with this:

 Naturally, it came home with us, and is now living on our wall. It's got the whole steampunk thing going on. We love it.

Then I found this, for something like 99 cents. A hand-thrown spoon rest with pretty wood-fired glaze. It's situated on the counter with my tea things.
The thrift store can be a dangerous place, especially when paired with my love of functional art (okay, so the picture/wall thing isn't functional, but the spoon rest is).

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