19 July 2009

bits and pieces

Today is a good day because...

...it is cooler than it was yesterday. I am sitting here wearing alpaca socks.

...I finally updated my computer after ignoring the "you have a new update" notice in the corner of the screen. It runs faster now. I should probably finish de-fragging my hard drive, too.

...I read one of the Fitzwilliam Darcy books yesterday and absolutely loved it. I re-read a couple chapters over breakfast this morning and still loved it.

...this week, I used up some dishcloth yarn making an entrelac dishcloth. It was fun. Easier than I expected. Then I used some hemp yarn for a washcloth, also in entrelac, and managed to leave out an entire corner of the square. Not sure how that happened. But entrelac is fun. I'll have to try more projects with it. This is the one that looks like it's supposed to. I don't have a photo yet of the wonky one.

...my to-do list isn't too intimidating (as it mostly consists of cleaning the oven, dusting, and putting away laundry, and catching up on some editing).

...I made pie yesterday with the last of the blueberries I canned last year. Granted, the pie is not the best one I've ever made, but it is edible. And when some friends came over late last night to play Settlers, they didn't want any!

Little frustrations...

...in addition to goofing up the entrelac square, I managed to goof up when I went to a used bookstore yesterday. I found a couple Beverly Cleary books that I was sure I didn't have. When I got home, I looked at the bookshelf to find that one of the books I'd bought was already sitting on the shelf. So now I have two copies of Ribsy. I have two copies of Henry and Ribsy, too. That was also an accident. I can remember that I have all the Ramona books, but I can't seem to recall which Henry Huggins books I have. I do have two copies of Beezus and Ramona, but that's because one copy was a gift and had the new illustrations which just aren't as good as the old ones. (Additionally, why can I find multiple copies of each Ramona book at the bookstore, but only a couple of the Henry books?)

...knitters don't seem to get rid of the books I want at the local used bookstores. One place had maybe 3 knitting books. There were loads of books on embroidery and needlepoint, and a few manuals with the basics of several crafts, including knitting, but I couldn't find so much as a stitch dictionary. And of course, the books I want cost $30-$40 brand-new. I'm so glad the library has a fairly decent selection of knitting books.

...why is there so much dust in my apartment?

...and what is burnt onto the bottom of the oven, making my pie taste slightly barbecued from the smoke? (I didn't realize the oven was smoking until the damage had been done).

...I can't get up the motivation to finish a fair-isle hat for my husband. I can manage a row or two at a time, and then I set it down with frustration and pick up something else. Fair-isle looks so pretty, and yet...I really don't enjoy it. Entrelac's awesome. Cables are interesting. A little fiddly, but interesting. Lace is a delight. Why is fair-isle so annoying?

And...that's all for now.

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