30 July 2009

it's so hot that...

The temperature here has been in the 30s for the last few days. It's been hot and humid enough that the heat seems worse than it actually is. My building doesn't have air-conditioning, so the library's been a favourite place, as has the shower with the water turned on cold.

It is so hot that...

...I got sunburned walking a total of four blocks to the library and back the other day, even though it was two blocks there, stay at the library for two hours, and two blocks back.

...I get hot and sweaty walking across the room, sitting in a chair, or washing dishes.

...dousing myself with water helps only a little bit because it evaporates so fast.

...I can only knit on the socks I started recently if I'm in an air-conditioned place like the library or a coffeeshop. Thank heavens their recipient isn't getting them until December.

...I haven't been drinking much tea because ice water's been taking its place.

...I don't know if I could fry an egg on the sidewalk but the heat did melt the coughdrops in my purse.

...the thunderstorm last Saturday night did nothing to relieve the heat and humidity.

...I put on sunscreen to go to the grocery store.

...I actually started a project that uses cotton just because it's not as warm as wool.

...when I did laundry today, I washed a quilt, hung it on the clothes-horse, and about two hours later, it was dry.

It'll be nice when the weather cools down. We need rain. Desperately. Lots of it. For days. I miss winter. I miss long sleeves and scarves and mittens. I like going barefoot or wearing sandals everywhere, but I'm becoming more scantily clad as the heat continues (which is unusual for me--let's hope it doesn't go on like this or I'll turn into one of those girls who wears short-shorts and poorly fitting spaghetti strap tank tops that show off the stomach), although I'm trying to remain tasteful and cool. It's so hot I can't even wear the knitted tank top I made because it's 50% wool.

Sigh. Autumn will come eventually. It has to.

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