30 July 2009

thrift-store finds

Yesterday, on a trip to the thrift store to find a pair of shorts that would be decent enough to wear in public (my only pair is baggy, olive green, and a bit frumpy-looking), I checked to see what they had in their crafts section. I always check. Usually it's not-so-great acrylic that someone got rid of for a reason. Sometimes I get lucky. I bought crochet thread one time, with the idea of knitting lace with it. I just need to find some dye that'll work on it first because it's all white and beige and I like colour. There was the wool-acrylic novelty yarn I picked up when I first started knitting, when I didn't know that I wouldn't like novelty yarn. I knit a scarf for someone with it, gritting my teeth the whole time. I still have 2 skeins and a bit. Either they'll become scarves for other people, or I'll find someone else who wants the yarn.

But yesterday, ah, yesterday, I found something exciting. Sock yarn. Not acrylic sock yarn. Mostly wool, with a bit of nylon. And they're solid colour skeins, which is exciting for me, since all the sock yarns I seem to like so far are striped and I want to do some socks with texture. Just two skeins. Enough for a couple pairs of socks, but at a dollar each, that's pretty cool (and people say handknit socks are expensive!). One is green, and the other is yellow. I could do two pairs of socks with colourwork or two pairs plain. I haven't decided yet. Stripes are fun. Mosaic patterns are cool. But solid colours with cables or lace are neat, too. Well, it's too hot to knit with this yarn right now, anyway, so maybe in a couple months, I'll know what I want to do with them.

I found some shorts, too. They cost more than the yarn, unfortunately. But I am cooler now. Slightly. Also, I am exhausted. It's really hard to sleep in this heat. I went to bed at two and got up at seven-thirty with a few scattered hours of sleep in-between. Not good. Well, time for more iced tea, I guess. Helps with the heat and with trying to stay awake.

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