01 March 2010

at least the ankle's getting better

The last week was reading break at school, so I just had to work and didn't have to go to class. It was a nice break, but then I got sick. According to the doctor, it's only a cold, but I'd forgotten that colds could be this malicious.

I coughed my way through the weekend, then went to one class this morning, and realized I shouldn't be at school. I absolutely have to be there tomorrow, so I skipped my next class and went home to rest. Now I'm taking a break from homework to write this. I also bought more cough drops and some cough syrup stuff so I can go to school tomorrow and possibly not cough too much.

On the plus side, I finally finished a pair of mitts for my husband last night. Since I was using white wool from an old sweater, I dyed them. They were supposed to be grey, but they're closer to black. We'll see what he thinks of that when he gets home. He liked them undyed, but he wanted them to be a "manly" colour (says the man who wants me to knit him a pink chicken hat next).

In other knittings: my Olympic project did not get finished in time. I got distracted by J.'s mitts and a baby jacket for J.'s cousin's daughter. But the important thing for me, at least, is that I totally could have finished it, if I'd really wanted to. Which I didn't, since it turned out I wasn't in the mood for knitting socks most of the week. I'm just not competitive enough, I guess. The baby jacket's almost done, though.

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