09 March 2010

remember when I could count?

While tidying up the corner of the living room where my yarn stash resides (the fabric stash lives mostly in the bedroom closet, the tea stash--not to be confused with Stash tea--lives in a kitchen cupboard, and the books live, well, everywhere), I picked up the bag where the yarn for my now-finished sweater had been stored. I had been under the impression that I'd finished the sweater with two complete balls of yarn to spare and was delighted at getting a whole sweater out of just under 600 grams of yarn. Well, I was mistaken. There are three complete balls of yarn left. Plus the little bit of a ball that I didn't quite finish. That sweater took just under 500 grams of yarn, and it's not exactly a short sweater. I was under the impression that hip-length, long-sleeved sweaters took more yarn than that, but then, it's really my first sweater.

Maybe I can make a vest with the leftover yarn.

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