13 March 2012

I do have these occasional moments

While the rain in Spain may stay mainly in the plain, here, the rain is everywhere (granted, I think we're closer to the Langley plain here, but that's beside my point, as I'm sure it's also doing this over in Walnut Grove, which is hillier). The view out my living room window today consists of lots of rain mixed with snow. Earlier it was hailing. Sometimes it's raining and hailing sideways, because it's also somewhat windy.

This has put a crimp in my plans to go on various errands, because as much as I love walking in the rain, I'm not sure I'd love walking in this rain. I do have to venture out to the grocery store, because we are out of milk, but that's just around the corner.

While this is the middle of March, and this weather seems a little weird for this time of year, it makes my tendency to knit woolly things seem like genius. I made this cowl last week. It's 100% wool, and because it's a slip-stitch pattern, it's nice and dense. Perfect for a day like today. I'm going to layer up and brave the elements (especially because the rain seems to have momentarily paused, but it did that a few minutes ago, and started pouring again in the time it took me to walk from the living room to the kitchen table).

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