26 March 2012

the eerie peace of Mondays

It's Monday, and the most exciting thing I've accomplished today is this.
Granted, I'm pretty excited about it. I mean, it's a pattern, and I designed it, and that's neat. This is a new thing for me--it's not my first design, but it's the first one I've put up for sale. I'm planning to re-vamp Harvey the Vampire Squid at some point so he's available as a PDF on Ravelry, but he'll stay a free pattern. These mitts, titled "Aragonite Mitts," will have a companion coordinating hat.

Mondays are such an odd day of the week for me. Sundays are usually so busy that Mondays are strangely quiet. Saturday was busy, too, so I'm sitting here revelling in the quiet. No music, just the sound of my tapping on the keyboard and the traffic outside. Relative silence.

Some weeks it feels like Monday's the real weekend, because it's so much quieter than the last half of the week, regardless of what I need to be working on. Today's the day I recuperate from the social activity of Sunday.

Silence, plus tea, plus writing. I think it's going to be a decent day.

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