16 April 2012

The blogging's been put to the side lately in favour of sleep deprivation and other types of writing. Since the sleep deprivation's a little better today (I actually managed to actually fall asleep in church, to the point where I had to ask how the sermon was--all I remember is the pastor quoting an encyclopaedia of philosophy, me thinking that sounded awesome, and then realizing it was time for the offering), I thought I'd blog a bit.

About what? I really have no idea. It's a quiet Monday--all I can hear right now is the humming of the fridge, the click of the clock, and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard. And the occasional traffic outside. I was so deeply asleep this morning that I missed the bird who starts singing around 5 am, solely to drive me crazy. I think Jeremy asked me when I came to bed last night (given that I've pulled two inadvertent all-nighters in the last week), but he might have asked when to set the alarm for. I'll have to check.

I did dream that I was at a pub in New York, waiting for a beer I'd ordered, and then someone started an argument with me about my thesis. I'm not kidding. He thought the amount of diachronic evidence I'd included in my work was not sufficient, and I was trying to explain that the history I'd included was relevant only to the point that it helped me explain why the verbs I'm working with are the way they are now. Yeah. That's what goes in my head. I'm already defending the blasted thing.

In other news, I'm trying a new recipe to include with dinner. If they turn out, I may take a picture and post it. If not, well, you'll probably never hear about them again.

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