27 May 2012

Gluten-free: Day 1

Recently, discussion with my SIL and a friend who are both gluten-intolerant has finally convinced me to try giving gluten-free a go, to see if gluten happens to be the source of my year-round congestion. I'd really rather it be dust-mites, but if it's gluten, I'm going to find out. Today kicks off a week (at minimum) of gluten-free living, to see if my symptoms are aleviated. This is about a week and a half after my husband and I started lowering our carb intake (i.e., buying less cereal) and switching to focusing on fruits, vegetables, and protein (and yes, I'm well aware that there are carbs in vegetables and fruits, but we're trying to eat less of the starch-laden carbs). The husband's already lost 4 kilos, whereas I can't tell the difference, except I'm less inclined to snack than usual.

Day 1: Braving the church potluck

I picked a hell of a day to go gluten-free: there was a potluck at church. The few people at my church who can't have wheat usually bring their own food on potluck days, and most of the food there is made without thought to food sensitivities or allergies. So I ended up with a plate full of salad. At least I was reasonably sure the potato salad was safe.

I'm not noticing the difference yet, but it's been less than twenty-four hours. I am noticing a distinct craving for bread, but so far, I'm not exactly jonesing for a bagel. I'm more in the mood, oddly enough, for steak. That or peanut butter with celery. And I think we're out of celery so I'm settling for grapes, since it's a little early for dinner.

Gluten-free so far? Meh. I kind of wish I could have had one of the chocolate croissants at church, but it's not exactly something I need in my diet, now, is it?

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