28 May 2012

Gluten-free: Day 2

Day 2 of Gluten-free, or curses on the peanut butter companies...

I probably didn't balance my diet too well today, as I had only a banana for breakfast. My goal tomorrow is kasha, since I can't have the cream of wheat this week, and I'm not too sure about the provenance of the oats. I was craving peanut butter with celery around lunch-time, and after getting home from errands bringing celery with me, I discovered that the peanut butter someone gave us a while ago has maltodextrin in it, which means there's probably gluten in there. So, even though we still have a jar and a half of peanut butter to go through (and one of those jars is huge), if I want peanut butter this week, I'll have to buy a jar of the kind we usually eat--the kind with peanuts and maybe some salt and nothing else.

I did a basic stir-fry with rice for dinner, and that was fine, although I couldn't use up any random sauces from the fridge because they all had, wait for it, gluten. However, at knit-night, I managed to avoid the temptation to buy baked goods at Starbucks because of the gluten and that was definitely a good move. 

I'm feeling kind of hungry right now, but I figure a cup of tea and maybe an apple will quell that urge for the moment, since dinner was about five hours ago (which would be why I'm hungry). So far, the bread craving is surprisingly minimal. We'll see how it is tomorrow, when I attempt gluten-free pizza crust.

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