30 May 2012

Gluten-free: Day 3

baking with multiple flours...

Well, gluten-free pizza isn't so bad. I used a recipe based on the one Gluten-Free Girl has up on her blog, swapping out the potato starch for tapioca flour, because that's what I had on hand. It wasn't bad, but I definitely missed how wheat flour makes a great, easily rollable dough. I might need to experiment with the amount of ground flaxseed in the mix if I keep doing this. I did like the corn flour and the way it tasted with the pizza, so that was a good choice, but I think the balance of cornstarch in the mix was a little too high. I'll have to experiment.

I really thought I'd be experiencing more gluten cravings. I want bready food, but not so urgently that it feels like withdrawal or something along those lines. And I'm not noticing a difference with my allergies yet. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, when I spend the afternoon manning a table at the Farmer's Market. There are some quite spectacular bakers there usually, so there will be temptation in the way.

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