15 November 2009

bits and pieces of new things

When I learn something new and manage to execute it well, I am filled with delight. This applies to understanding concepts in linguistic theory, as well as baking a type of bread I've never tried before and knitting techniques.

So I baked anadama bread. I'd never had it before, but I had heard of it, and it turned out well. The recipe I used has some cornmeal, eggs, and molasses in it, as well as the regular yeast, salt, and wheat flour. It makes good sandwich bread.

The experiment with leaving dairy out of my diet in an attempt to see if that's what's been causing my allergies failed. I was even more congested this week. I am now convinced that the allergen is likely dust or something else environmental (at the library, among the dusty shelves, despite how clear my sinuses were five minutes before, I will suddenly become congested and then rapidly develop a sinus headache). So I had my first cup of tea with milk in it this week yesterday morning and it was wonderful. I missed dairy. I hadn't realized just how dependent on it I am until I tried pouring soy milk into my assam (which I do not recommend; it's fine with chai or those matcha latte things from Starbucks, and in hot chocolate and coffee, but not in plain, black tea).

And in knitting...I finally learned how to do a toe-up cast-on that was not the "easy toe!" I have struggled with the figure-eight cast-on, and with the Turkish cast-on, and this week, I managed to learn how to do Judy's Magic Cast-On. On DPNs, no less. I have tried the 2 circular needles and magic-looping approaches (not with socks, but with mitts and hats), and still prefer DPNs, although when I lack DPNs of the correct size, I will make use of these other methods. I started a pair of Christmas socks that have been frogged twice already. I think knitting them toe-up is helping, though. Plain stockinette on the foot, toe-up, flap heel, and I plan to start the ribbing as soon as the heel is finished.

I also finished a cuff-down sock (with picot edging! something new!). I've started the second one, but it may take a while, since I do want to get the Christmas socks done first. E.'s birthday socks are all finished as well, but she won't be getting them for a while because we're both really busy for the next few weeks. Also on the list are mittens based on Bella's mittens in the Twilight movie, also for a Christmas gift. They won't be the exact same colour, but the intended recipient loves Twilight, so hopefully she will like the mittens.

My husband taught me how to play Small World yesterday, and I won. That was pretty exciting. Usually he wins at board games and I can only beat him after playing the game many times. It is a fun, colourful game.

And I suppose that's all for the moment.

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