24 November 2009

I misplaced my favourite crochet hook the other day. And no, I don't crochet, not really, but it's the little steel hook I use for picking up gusset stitches and fixing dropped stitches on socks. The last time I remember having it was about a week and a half ago, and now it is gone. I had to buy a new one because the only one I have smaller than that is too small for the socks I'm knitting right now. The loss of this hook is bothering me more than it really should. I keep rummaging around my desk and in the basket of yarn and the knitting bag to see if it's there. I like the old one much better than I like the new one, but should I really be obsessing over a tool I use to fix things in socks when there are other, more important, things to attend to?

I try to tell myself that it'll turn up the next time I do a really thorough tidy-up of the living room. But it still bothers me. If you know where it disappeared to, let me know, hey?

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