05 November 2009

welcome to November

It is officially November. We have a rainfall and a wind warning. There is wind. There are gusts of wind. There are stubborn leaves flying off of their trees by the dozens. This happens every year. In November, we get lots of rain and it gets incredibly windy. So windy that it can make your car shift while you are driving (and yes, while we still had a car, I went out driving in wind like this. At night. It's not that bad. I'm better at driving in wind and rain than in snow). I'm glad I live in the city now. I miss the quiet of being farther away from the traffic and everything, but when the power goes out here, it takes two hours to get it back on, not two days.

Days like today make me want to huddle inside, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea. I settled for doing dishes, folding laundry, washing more, and making sure the chairs on our balcony were out of the way of the rain. And I went to the grocery store for a few things.

I did my first Kool-Aid dyeing yesterday. It was fun. Now I have cherry red aran weight wool. Today, I tried over-dyeing some yarn. I had a couple skeins of a bulky single-ply in bright crayon colours. I liked them, but a friend suggested over-dyeing them with some brown. She did that with some similar yarn and got autumn colours out of it. I decided to give it a try, since I like autumn colours better than the really bright crayon ones.

So I ventured into the Scoop'n'Save down the street to get the dye. I walk by there a couple times a day on my way to and from the bus stop, and I've never been in before. I look in the window a lot. They sell cake-making and cookie-baking supplies, and there are model cakes in the window. One of them looks like Tinkerbell is being sacrificed to a flower volcano, and it makes me giggle. Anyway, I know where to look for cookie cutters now. I don't think I've ever seen such a variety of cake pans and cookie cutters. I bought some brown food colouring and came home. The yarn is cooling in warm clear water right now, and we'll see how the colours turned out after it's dry. The colours are certainly a bit toned down.

So now, here I am with my tea, typing away, listening to gusts of wind. They seem to be getting stronger. At times, my apartment shakes a bit from the force of it. Well, I'd best go find something to do, and hope that the weather doesn't get too extreme.

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