30 November 2009

starting, starting, starting...where's the end?

There's this thing I read about in a knitting book. It's called 'startitis.' I think I have it.

On the needles right now: socks (Christmas gift), Jayne hat (Christmas gift, almost done), dishcloth (Christmas gift), lace shawl (not a Christmas gift).

In need of casting on: Cabled mittens which were knit for a few rounds and then frogged. They need smaller needles. (Christmas gift).

Just off the needles: A lacy headband scarf which has used up the last of my Misti Alpaca sock yarn. All gone! Hooray!

Swatches finished: Sedum cardigan (my first raglan--wish me luck!), felted slippers (swatch needs another round in the washing machine to get to the felted consistency which I desire).

Yarn dyed: Yarn dyed with coffee, green tea, black tea, and nettle tea to make varying earth-toned shades of yarn for a hat (birthday gift for a friend, likely to be the next thing to be cast on). I still need a darker green in the mix as well, and possibly a darker brown, too (food colouring).

Other projects on the list: black hat (Christmas present), blue hat (Christmas present), camera cozy (again, Christmas present), Labyrinth socks (from Wendy Johnson's delightful book).

Startitis may be a problem. Hey, I need something to give my mind a break during the next week and a half while I finish papers for school. Might as well be working on Christmas presents. I've been putting data into tables all evening and it's very boring (yes, I love my field, but the data entry loses its excitement very quickly).

Most of them (socks excepted) are very fast projects. The Jayne hat was started this weekend and I'm nearly done with the first earflap. One more earflap to go, attach the pompom, and it's done. Merry Christmas, brother 1. Brother 2 is getting a black hat, since it is his colour of choice for clothing, and Brother 3 is getting a blue one (I'd been thinking gloves for him, but I don't have the time, or his hand measurements). My father gets the camera cozy, which will be kind of like a tube sock in worsted to bulky weight yarn. I think Mum might get a book, though. I'm running out of steam for all these knitting projects.

Well, time to sort out my lesson plan for tomorrow before going to bed. Modality...so much fun. If only I could figure out what that suffix is supposed to mean.

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