03 November 2009

hoodoo? you do!

While knitting this afternoon (and since there was laundry in the dryer and bread in the oven), I decided to watch a short movie. I picked it up at the library recently. It has Cary Grant and Shirley Temple in it, and its name is "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer." It is possibly one of the nuttiest movies I have ever seen. Shirley Temple's character is a teenager with a crush on a much older artist (Cary Grant, of course), and due to her and her psychiatrist uncle, and older sister (a judge), he ends up being forced to take her out on dates until she learns her lesson and gets over him. It's goofy. And it makes me want to watch "The Philadelphia Story" again. And the library does have it!

I've nearly finished the first lace and cable sock. Just the ribbing to go! These are such a fun knit. I can't wait to see how E. likes them.

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