26 June 2009


I sewed the seams of the tank top, and then I tried it on. I have to resew the seams. Darn. But it is technically done. In light of this, I have cast on a sock. I'm only 7 rounds into it, but it is nice to be doing something different with many needles and different yarn. New project!

Our house is full of food. Mostly rice, lentils, and lots of condiments. My sister-in-law and her husband are going overseas to teach English (they leave next week), and we are getting all their food. There are three bottles of balsamic vinegar, two of them unopened. My best friends are visiting tomorrow. We'll try to pawn off a couple bottles on them. It is truly amazing, what we have in our fridge now. There were two partial bottles of black bean sauce. I got out the funnel and combined them, so now there is only one bottle. There's a daiquiri mix. We never buy daiquiri mix. Ranch dressing with bacon (there's something non-vegetarian, although since we're semi-veggie it's okay). There's also some canned foods, and sauerkraut, and the chocolate truffles an aunt gave them for Christmas (she gave us some too--we ate ours, they ate a few and now the rest are ours).

I think I'll be making dal soon to start using up the lentils. Lentils keep for a while, but there are lots of them. Dal with chapatis, maybe. More lentil soup. And rice--I like rice, but I'm going to have to go through my Asian cookbooks to find some more recipes with rice to keep it interesting. Looks like that lovely rice cooker we got as a wedding gift will see some more use now.

My brother-in-law also gave me his saffron. I feel very honoured.

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