15 June 2009

A Terrifying Creature of the Deep...named Harvey

My number of UFOs has dropped yet again. This may be a record--two within two days. I have finished the squid. His owner is coming to pick him up this evening. I'm titling the pattern 'Harvey the Vampire Squid.' I don't know why his name is Harvey (just like I don't know why one of my mugs is named Hester and my mini rosebush is Geraldine--they just are).

Harvey on a bottle of laundry detergent

More pictures and a pattern to follow. I don't know if I'll knit this pattern again, but the result has been rather gratifying for a first design knit out of acrylic that I don't particularly like. However, I do like squid. I've dissected one in the name of science and about half a dozen in the name of calimari, and almost wish I could have one for a pet. A cuttlefish would be an adorable pet, too. I think I'll probably settle for a rabbit in a year or so, though.

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