30 June 2009

partial sock

I am at the gusset of my first sock. I started it on Friday (I think). Friday night we got lots of food from my husband's sister. Saturday we cleaned a bit, I made messy-looking rice krispy squares (making two batches to fill one pan but using different amounts of marshmallow in each results in a very uneven pan of marshmallow rice krispy goodness), and then friends came over. It was great. We hung out, talked, went for sushi, played a few goofy games, and ate messy rice krispy squares. I got a couple rounds on my sock done. On Sunday the sock accompanied us to the church picnic where I got sunburned (forgot the sunscreen again) and got an inch or so done on the sock. There were knitters there who were impressed with the sock and the number of needles I'm using. One told me she knits hats but has only used 4 needles, not 5, like me. I felt like telling her that it's really not that hard. She's been knitting longer than me and I bet she could do a pair of socks. Yesterday I started the heel flap on the bus back from Surrey and finished turning the heel last night.

I started the gusset today after doing some sewing. There are about 6 more rows to go in the piecing of a quilt I've been procrastinating on for months, and I really do want to finish it (it'll probably get an entry or two to itself so I won't talk about it too much here). So I did a bunch of sewing, and then knit for a bit. The heel turn is a little lumpier on one side than on the other, but it looks okay. It's the only knitting project I have going right now. That feels weird. I'm not sure what to start next.

I just realized that "Bibleman: The Board Game" is visible in a corner of the picture. To explain: my husband bought it at Value Village because he thought it was funny. We haven't actually played it (we have other board games that are much better designed), although I think it's hilarious that the picture of the "Villain's Hideout" looks like the outside of a monastery. Not really what I would peg as a villain's headquarters.

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