14 June 2009

project complete!

It is always encouraging when I actually finish a project. I have more FOs than UFOs, but a few days ago, it seemed like ages since I had bound anything off (without the bind-off being a step that was to be followed by picking up stitches and doing some more knitting).

Fetching is finished. The gloves are really pretty, too. I learned the basics of cabling and how to do a picot bind-off, which was a lot of fun. These are a little warm to wear in June, but it's a good time to be knitting them. I knit about half of one Friday night, and all but the thumbs and a few rows of the second one yesterday. I finished them this afternoon.

I worked on Shipwreck yesterday, too, but I was hanging out in the park with a bunch of other knitters and it was mostly too warm to work with alpaca. I want to finish it but it's taking a while. I am thinking about making my border smaller. I am a short person and it's already going to be a big shawl. I'm not sure about it, though. I almost want to take it off the needles so I can get an idea of just how big it's going to be, but the work that would involve makes me cringe. I'll have to make up my mind eventually.

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