25 June 2009

trying to finish

I am trying to finish a project this week that's been on the needles for months. I work on it on the bus or when I'm really bored with my other projects, and it's so close to being done that I really need to just finish it.

It's a tank top made with a wool-hemp blend. I love the yarn, but I'm at the most boring part of the pattern right now. The needles are 4mm, which seems to be the exact size that makes my hands cramp up after a while. I've had trouble with this project and Fetching, which was also knit on 4mm needles. 3.5 and 5 mm aren't problems. I haven't tried 4.5's yet. So, it goes slowly. I want to finish it, though, so I've told myself that I can't start anything else until this is finished. 7-8 more inches to go.

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