19 June 2009


Lessons learned: When your hand starts to ache, stop. Just stop. Knitting, making biscuits, biking. Whatever makes it hurt. Stop.

I have strained my left hand. I am left-handed. This is inconvenient, as I cannot eat with utensils with my right hand. I can use a computer mouse right-handed, drink out of a mug, and even awkwardly brush my hair. I can read. And typing doesn't hurt, so I can type. I use my right thumb for the spacebar, so I'm good. But I cannot knit. I think this happened as a result of finishing first my fingerless gloves (I was hanging onto the needles too tightly at first), and then the squid, and then spending hours trying to finish my shawl. I have a project on large needles right now, and that's not too hard to do, but it still twinges a bit. So I've set it down for now. I want to do things on small needles, but I do know better.

I told myself I was not allowed to knit this weekend. Of course, I get dozens of ideas as soon as I say that I'm not allowed to knit. I have some odds and ends of yarn that won't make anything for me, or balls of cheap acrylic that I won't use for people. If I knit something for someone, it better be something at least somewhat nice. I realized all of sudden, that there are doll patterns out there. They use less yarn, and I can learn some of the shaping required for sweaters without committing to a full-sized one. My American Girl doll's wardrobe is about to become larger.

Instead of knitting this morning, I went to the store to find matches and a bucket. When my husband got home this afternoon, we got on our bikes and headed out to a local berry farm. I couldn't hold onto the handle of my bike properly with my left hand (but of course, this didn't stop me). Anyway, after about 30-40 minutes, we arrived at the berry farm. Strawberries are in. We picked about 7 quarts worth in 15 minutes, paid, and went home.

My family has gone berry-picking in the summer for as long as I can remember. Usually my mom freezes most of what we pick for the winter. I don't have that luxury, since we have a tiny freezer. Instead, I make jam or can the berries for baking. Tomorrow morning: strawberry jam. And maybe a couple jars of canned berries. Tonight: strawberry shortcake. I plan to do a few different jams this summer. The berry farm sells raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and blueberries as well, so I'll do more jam as the summer progresses. I love blackcurrant jam. I don't know about gooseberries. I have to look up a few recipes first.

Well, my hand's starting to say stop. I think I'll actually listen this time.

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  1. Yay Jam!
    Rest up that hand! you will need it this summer!


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