22 June 2009

thoughts on public transit

Yes, it worked! The squid pattern has been posted. .rtf worked! I'll have to remember that in the future.

My hand is better today. I did a little knitting yesterday and today finished the front half of Askew. I have been working on that for over a month. Since before I started Shipwreck, actually. It's an off and on sort of project. I like the yarn, the pattern's okay, I just don't love it enough to be continually working on it. I have also cast on the back of the top, but I don't know how long it'll be. It's mostly stockinette, so aside from teaching myself to knit backwards and practicing my purling, there's not much variety there.

I finished the second strap on the train, bound off, and promptly cast on for the back. I have to watch my elbows on public transit unless I have an entire seat to myself, so I was sitting there, using long-tail cast-on with a minimum of movement. The guy in the seat facing me was staring. I don't usually get too many stares (ones that are noticeable to me, at least). Once in a while, people comment, ask what I'm making. Most of them adhere to the unwritten public transit code, which prohibits speaking to strangers. You're also not really supposed to stare, but if you do it surreptiously, it's okay.

I think it's too bad that more people don't talk to each other on transit. You're already crammed on a crowded bus or train, often much closer to each other than you would prefer to be. Saying hi probably won't kill you. That being said, silently observing others is an interesting hobby, too. Sometimes I knit. But then I take a break to rest my hands, and I watch the people around me. Many of them have their i-pods on, and they completely ignore everyone else. I sometimes do this, too. Others read or text. Some just stare out the window. I almost feel like taking notes. It's an interesting slice of culture.

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  1. So did the guy ever say anything?
    I guess you just seemed too smart for him, he couldn't figure out what the heck you were doing! LOL


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